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Our new album TRANSIENCE is now fully available on our Youtube channel.
Thank you all very much for making this possible - we hope you enjoy!

PS: people from certain areas of the world may receive a "video is not available" message. We are currently looking into resolving that, apologies for the inconvenience

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Dear everyone,

The moment has come: our new album TRANSIENCE is released! Words cannot describe how glad we are to finally be reaching this day again. We have poured our hearts and minds into this album and we hope the result is a journey that will draw you in deeply – both into our fantasy world and also your own. Let us all for a moment consider how unique it is to experience life in all its imperfection and celebrate our mortality!


We hope you will enjoy the album from your outlet or streaming service of choice! thank you all VERY much once again for making this possible! May the music bring you closer to your transience...

And I you haven't ordered your copy yet, you can do so HERE:

We are proud to share with you our first official music video, featuring the new track AS ALL MUST COME TO PASS!

You can watch it HERE:


The video concept and animation were created by Minghao Xu (Void Visuals) - whom you already know from his work on our cover arts - and 3D animations were done by Arman Saberi. It is a tale of a struggle as old as life itself...

Enjoy the video and the music! And if you want to read the lyrics, enable the subtitles.

For anyone who still wants a vinyl or CD copy of Emergence: they are close to sold out in both our Bandcamp and the Napalm Records shop, so do not wait too long!

Napalm shop: (Vinyl only)
Our Bandcamp: (CD & Vinyl)

Many thanks to all of you for the fantastic support in word and deed over the years! You have truly made an impact on our lives

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Our second album TRANSIENCE is releasing on the 29th of June 2018. What better way to introduce it than with the opening track, which is also the title track for the album?

Our journey begins with an artist in search of meaning and perfection, finding himself struggling with his mortal boundaries as he embarks on an arduous quest. Follow us beyond a lost dream to where epiphany and insanity go hand in hand.